RESTfu­­l Jav­a­ wit­h ­JAX­-­­RS 2.­0­ (Second Edition)

Installing RESTEasy and the Examples

The workbook examples are embedded within the RESTEasy distribution so that as future versions of RESTEasy are released, the workbook examples will be updated along with that release. (I discovered that having a separate download for the workbook examples causes various problems—users can get confused about which package to download, and the examples can get out of sync with specific software versions.)

You can download the distribution by following the download links at

Download the latest RESTEasy JAX-RS distribution (for example, Figure 17-1 shows the directory structure of the distribution.

Figure 17-1
Figure 17-1. RESTEasy directory structure

Table 17-1 describes the purpose of the various directories.

Table 17-1. RESTEasy directories

Directory Directory
docs/javadocs Generated Javadocs for both the JAX-RS APIs and RESTEasy
docs/userguide Reference guide for RESTEasy in both HTML and PDF format
examples Top-level directory containing all RESTEasy examples
examples/oreilly-jaxrs-2.0-workbook Contains workbook example code for each workbook chapter
lib All the RESTEasy JARs and the third-party libraries they depend on
embedded-lib Optional JAR files used when you are running RESTEasy in embedded mode
resteasy-jaxrs.war Sample RESTEasy servlet deployment

Don’t get confused by the other examples/oreilly-workbook directories. These are examples from the previous revision of this book.

For Apache Maven users, RESTEasy also has a Maven repository at

The groupId for all RESTEasy artifacts is org.jboss.resteasy. You can view all available artifacts at